Goal: $150,000.00
Fundraiser Leaders
Team Mikayla, Captain Jason Doyle  $13,140.00
Team Ty, Captain Lance Converse  $12,935.00
Team William, Captain Tom Gaines  $11,215.00
Team Luke, Captain Kirk Henderson  $5,175.00
Team Brianna, Captain Carol Simicich  $5,000.00
Team Dakota, Captain Stephen Heiman  $4,601.00
Team Jake, Captain Ron Jones  $4,103.70
Team Caleb, Captain Nicole Bessette  $2,750.00
Team Alyssa, Captain Maureen Newman  $2,500.00
Team Jimmy, Captain David Craddock  $2,170.00
Team Dina, Captain Team Boat Connection  $2,140.00
Team Travis, Captain Curtis Ring  $2,139.20
Team Ruby, Captain - Anonymous  $1,900.00
Team Annie, Captain Jessica Sember  $1,650.00
Team Grayson, Captain Garrett Graue  $1,550.00
Team Amanda, Captain Mike Ellis  $1,504.00
Team Christopher, Captain Howard Rudolph  $1,420.00
Team Nicholas, Captain Brian Gray Vita Coco  $1,375.00
Team Brian, Captain Tyler Wright  $1,305.00
Team Derek, Captain Tom Ewer  $1,250.00
Team Kim, Captain Keith Moore  $1,170.00
Team Valerie, Captain ELIO LADICANI  $1,120.00
Team Clifford, Captain Greg Bogdan  $1,000.00
Team David, Captain Larry Rowe  $1,000.00
Team Andrew, Captain Frank Quarles  $810.00
Team Billy, Captain Bob Bell  $529.00
Team Christina, Captain Greg McMenaman  $513.00
Team Sophia, Captain Dana Binsbachar  $370.00
Team Jane, Captain Mike McCormack  $200.00
Team Scottie, Captain Brandon Greer  $100.00
Team Tonya, Captain Rebecca Giacobba  $30.00
Team Casey, Captain Randy Macpherson  $20.00
Team Danny, Captain Dean Morehouse  $10.00
Team Heather, Captain Summer Warren  $10.00

Fish for Hope KDW Tourament

June 14-15, 2019

Place of Hope's Fish for Hope KDW Tournament will be an exciting fishing tournament benefiting hundreds of abused children and young adults in desperate need throughout Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties.

Join us as we fish to benefit abused children and trafficking victims!

Jason Doyle, Doyle Insurance, Event Chairman
Brady Atwater, Atwater Ventures, Event Chairman

Sailfish Marina

For more information, contact Isabella Soublette at 561-775-7195 or IsabellaS@placeofhope.com