May 15, 2020

Place of Hope's 5th Annual Fish for Hope KDW Tournament will be an exciting fishing tournament benefiting hundreds of abused children and young adults in desperate need throughout Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties.

Join us as we fish to benefit abused children and trafficking victims!

Jason Doyle, Doyle Insurance, Event Chairman
Brady Atwater, Atwater Ventures, Event Chairman

Fish for Hope KDW Tourament

Goal: $100,000.00
Fundraiser Leaders
Team Zahara, Captain Jason Doyle  $13,400.00
Team Zion, Captain Tom Gaines  $11,555.00
Team Emmanuel, Captain Kirk Henderson  $5,380.00
Team Luke, Captain Stephen Heiman  $5,295.00
Team Brad, Captain Tom Ewer  $4,430.00
Team Mary, Captain Maureen Newman  $3,145.00
Team Michael, Captain Todd Minnick  $2,750.00
Team Malik, Captain Eric Burke  $2,350.00
Team Elena, Captain Miguel Rodriguez  $1,752.00
Team Jasmin, Captain David Craddock  $1,750.00
Team Alexa, Captain Rebecca Giacobba & Christina Zecca  $1,485.00
Team Olivia, Captain Ashley Feldkamp  $1,300.00
Team Andre, Captain Ross Wroblewski  $1,200.00
Team Ralph, Captain Allen Moye  $1,070.00
Team Matthew, Captain Jeff Atwater and Charles Isiminger  $1,030.00
Team Sofia, Captain Tom Camp  $1,000.00
Team Inez, Captain Brian Gray  $955.00
Team Rosa, Captain Donal Livingston  $925.00
Team Xavier, Captain Jamie Wakem  $875.00
Team Molly, Captain Ryan Buel  $790.00
Team Aaron, Captain Eric Paul-Hus  $725.00
Team Logan, Captain Kevin Scott  $710.00
Team Pierre, Captain Mark and Ana Gentile  $560.00
Team Lucy, Captain Boone Stribling  $500.00
Team Quinn, Captain Larry Rowe  $500.00
Team Beau, Captain Mike Ellis  $470.00
Team Stefani, Captain Frank Quarles Jr.  $400.00
Team Claudia, Captain Jeff Wait  $300.00
Team Francisco, Captain Brady Atwater  $300.00
Team Mateo, Captain Blake Nichol  $300.00
Team Nate, Captain Edward DeJesus  $300.00
Team Marcus, Captain Rob Rennebaum  $250.00
Team Asha, Captain Tyler Wright  $200.00
Team Iamani, Captain Paul Bell  $150.00
Team Victoria, Captain Frank ONeill  $120.00
Team Ava, Captain carol simicich  $45.00

For more information, contact Kaley Kling at 561-775-7195 or